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Concerto a Palazzo with Aperitif - Firenze, Italy

About This Tour

Duration: 90 to 120 minutes
Location: Firenze, Italy
Product Code: 101387P1

Activity Details

From the Medici’s days to today’s ours, an exclusive Classic Music Salon, in the setting of the magnificent Renaissance Palazzo Antinori Corsini Serristori, located just a few steps aways from Santa Croce Church. Live the experience of Concerto a Palazzo, you will be enchanted by the talented and very well known Duo of Arte InCantoMusica, the pianist Pamela Burrini and the opera singer Eva Mabellini.

Our music salon combines Arias for Chamber Music, Opera Arias, Lieder and Piano Solo with a Gourmet offer. An aperitif is served before the Concert with Mitaly selection of Italian traditional Food&Wine. Monovarietal wines, artisanal cheeses, cold cuts, organic productions and historic recipes.

Everything through the evening will excite and challenge your senses.

In Florence in Borgo Santa Croce, 6.

An amazing evening in a privately owned magnificent Renaissance Palace where art and history from many centuries ago melt in total harmony with music and singing. 

A magic atmosphere for a unique, sensorial experience right in the heart of Florence with the very talented Duo from Arte InCantoMusica, Pamela Burrini a very skilled and versatile piano player and Eva Mabellini a professional and very powerful Mezzo Soprano Opera singer.

Twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, Concerto a Palazzo offers you concerts with very fascinating programs, carefully studied and selected to accompany you through Arias and Operas which also reveal aspects of the Classic Music you may not know yet. Important is also to say that on each single evening the performances offer different programs from the previous ones, this to give you also the opportunity to repeat the experience if you wish, as it would be another enjoyable evening, always with a new program.

Our location is exclusive, elegant and chic. We are in the oldest part of town, the true essence of the medieval city and the most lively neighborhood, in one of the most beautiful Renaissance Palaces, the Antinori Corsini Serristori Palace, just a few steps away from Piazza Santa Croce.
Here where art, beauty, legacy, tradition, authentic Fiorentinità and the uniqueness of the location is what we breath every day, this is where we work to organize, arrange and stage unforgettable events that would make your stay in Florence one of the most beautiful experience of your life. During the evening you will be captured by the enchanting Arias from the most famous Italian Operas. The charm of the location combined with the skills and talents of the Duo will make your evening an incredible experience and once you tried it, you would want to repeat it.

Our proposal to entertain you is “Aperitif and Concert”, starting from 7:15 pm with an aperitif the Florentine way with us at Palazzo. You will be introduced to savor tastes and perfumes of niche products. Precious wines and traditional gourmet delicacies are selected and provided by Mitaly Tasting Italy, which will delight your senses with products of excellence.

The Concert starts at 7.45 pm, on time.

Approximative duration of the event almost 1 hour and 45 minutes

For the music proposal of every single evening and performance, please check on our website, Email us at Facebook and Instagram:  Concertoapalazzo

Type of Activity

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