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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Bussolengo, Italy


Maniac - Bussolengo, Italy

Duration: 1 hour
Location: Bussolengo, Italy

From USD

The doors of the Asylum are shut since 1975. Since the patients began to die like this, one after the other ... More info ›

The doors of the Asylum are shut since 1975. Since the patients began to die like this, one after the other. Victims of inexplicable accidents that left their lifeless bodies in a pool of blood.
Nobody saw, heard or understood anything. The place needed to be left to the silence of the time never to come back.
Something is happening nowadays. It seems there’s somebody there again. Screams resound in the night and may people swear to sense strange movements.. It’s time to come back in that palace and understand what’s happening. Arrange your team and venture through those rooms believed to be abandoned. Phobos Escape Verona presents MANIAC, a new horror theme, charged up game based in an asylum infested by nobody knows what.
Can you manage not to lose your head?

Visit: Phobos Escape Verona, Bussolengo, Province of Verona, Veneto

Opening days: every day from 12pm to 2 am
For larger groups, it’s possible to arrange multiple challenges dividing the group into two or more teams.
Missing the starting time severely prejudices our organization and therefore, in case of delay over 10 minutes, we will be forced to cancel your game. No refund will be given
You will be constantly monitored by a game master that will control your every move helping the players if necessary. In case of panic attacks or other problems you can exit the game at any time.
The management reserves its right to suspend the game at any time in case of danger or lack of respect for the rules by one or more players. In this event, the game session will be ended and not refunded.
We recommend the attendance to people over 14 and to non impressionable audience.
All our rooms are completely wheelchair accessible . We suggest the presence of a helper.
Smoking is forbidden inside both building and rooms . Cameras and mobiles are not allowed.

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