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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Monte Isola, Italy

You deserve a vacation! Sports - Yoga and Culinary at Lake Iseo (Northern Italy)

You deserve a vacation! Sports - Yoga and Culinary at Lake Iseo (Northern Italy) - Monte Isola, Italy

Duration: 7 days
Location: Monte Isola, Italy

From USD

This Sport - Yoga - Culinary Trip is a great opportunity to meet awesome people and
Singles and make new friends. During this week you will enjoy a lot of different sports
activities and through the relaxed atmoshere you may even meet your new
partner ... More info ›

This Sport - Yoga - Culinary Trip is a great opportunity to meet awesome people and
Singles and make new friends. During this week you will enjoy a lot of different sports
activities and through the relaxed atmoshere you may even meet your new
partner. Excellent restaurants and 3 awesome wineries want to be visited and
this active vacation will bring you unforgettable moments and memories.
Book your unique experience now.

This is a typical itinerary for this product

Day 1: Transfer to Italy. We want check-in at Residence Castello Oldofredi after arrival. This restored lovely castle is one of the most beautiful accomodations at Lake Iseo - we'll start with the first jogging / walking / yoga session on this beautiful island. You want to be a very experienced team. Armin is the Organizer and Jogger as well as he takes care of the "Fast Runners". He is also Sommelier and Europe's premier expert for Gourmet Wine Travel. Yoga Lessons Wants to Be Given by Terry, one of Europe's Leading Yoga Instructors. She is specialized in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

Duration: 14 hours

Location: Centro Storico di Monte Isola, Monte Isola, Province of Brescia, Lombardy

Day 2: The start into the day starts with a yoga session. After breakfast grom the buffet, we take the ferry boat to Sulzano. Half of the group is cycling to the Piramids of Zone, the other half was doing the hiking route "Antica Via Valeriana". Both groups want to enjoy a fantastic view over Lake Iseo. A light lunch follows in the restaurant "Il Cacciatore", Sulzano and then we will change. The so-called "Pyramids of Zone" are a true masterpiece from Mother nature. The inhabitants of Lake Iseo call them "stone fairies", for the geologists it is simply "erosion pyramids".
We are talking about those tall, pointed, tower-like structures of stone on which usually a large deck stone is placed. They are among the most impressive earth pyramids in Europe, maybe even worldwide.
Azienda Agricola Bonfadini is located in Clusane, Italy. The wine region Franciacorta, known as the "Champagne of Italy", offers the best sparkling wines of Italy. And right here, we'll taste these sparkling wines. Dinner we want to have at Restaurant Da Sandro

Duration: 14 hours

Location: Piramidi di Zone, Zone, Province of Brescia, Lombardy

Day3: After a lovely breakfast, we want to take our bus to visit the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia. Interesting museum of vintage cars - even if you are not into cars! The Mille Miglia museum is located in a delightful quadrangle of old restored buildings and is in the process of being pre-1957. The exhibits are on a regular basis.
After this culture unit, we take our bus to Villongo, where we get an introduction into the aqua-gym (nastik). If you are not exhausted after that, you can take a couple of lanes in the pool.
After these sports activities, we are probably starving, so we want to enjoy a dinner at the restaurant La Cascina in Credaro. Luciano and his family wants to spoil us with local and Italian cuisine.

Duration: 14 hours

Location: Museo Mille Miglia, Brescia, Province of Brescia, Lombardy

Day 4: Today we drive along Lake Iseo until we get between Castro and Riva di Solto to the location Sports Action. - In two units we try two of the three disciplines sailing, standup paddling and kayaking under guidance. If you want to skip to a unit, you can relax on a sunbed or go walking / jogging / hiking. In between you want to have a delicious lunch to strengthen your body.
After these refreshing water activities we drive back to the hotel. If further sport activity is desired, it wants to be a great pleasure to offer this. Do you prefer yoga or aerobics?
For Ristorante Da Sandro in Clusane with wines from the Franciacorta. Ristorante Da Sandro offers a regional and Italian cuisine.

Duration: 14 hours

Location: Sportaction, Solto Collina, Province of Bergamo, Lombardy

Day 5: On Thursday morning we will start with Aerobic unit. After breakfast we can relax at the pool. And then you could practice yoga? The time is up early afternoon is free again. Then a jogging / walking unit will follows.
We go to the mainland by ferry and then take our bus to Erbusco. Winery Gatti with a wine tasting.
We want to enjoy dinner on the Hosteria Uva Rara at Monticelli Brusati, in an old country house of the 14th century, which has been completely renovated in consideration of the historical conditions. You can choose a themed menu like "the sea", "the country", "the Lake Iseo" or "for the vegetarian". Our recommendation is the "Lake Iseo" menu. And you have wines from Franciacorta region.

Duration: 14 hours

Location: Enrico Gatti, Erbusco, Province of Brescia, Lombardy

Day 6: After a jogging / walking session, we enjoy our breakfast, take the ferry to Iseo and then we can stroll over the traditional weekly market of Iseo. There you can buy everything from shoes to fresh fruit and it is always a great atmosphere. While the Italian women are intensively watching, haggling and buying, the men meet at the bar, chat and relax and enjoy a glass of wine. It has a lot of bars, bistros and restaurants, where you can have a cozy lunch. It goes back to the island by ferry.
After a workout session, freshly showered and styled, we want to be prepared for dinner

Duration: 14 hours

Location: Bar Ariston Iseo, Iseo, Province of Brescia, Lombardy

Day 7: After a short sport or yoga activity and a buffet breakfast, it's time to check out and say goodbye to this splendid location Castello Oldofredi. But there is a final highlight. There is the third prestigious winery, you will be acquainted with it, and there is a taste of wine: Castello Bonomi - wine tasting and light lunch
After the wine tasting and a light lunch at the vineyard, we want to return to Uster, so we get there before 8 pm. Drop off at the airport Milan is possible.

Duration: 14 hours

Location: Castello Bonomi, Coccaglio, Province of Brescia, Lombardy

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