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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Campione, Italy

Campione spezial Canyoning Tour, Lake Garda

Campione spezial Canyoning Tour, Lake Garda - Campione, Italy

Duration: 3 hours
Location: Campione, Italy

From USD

The "Campione spezial" is a great tour for the entire family: kids as well as teenager as well as adults. The tour has a short uphill walk (ca ... More info ›

The "Campione spezial" is a great tour for the entire family: kids as well as teenager as well as adults. The tour has a short uphill walk (ca. 10 minutes and not very steep) to got into the valley. From here on we have to walk through the river again 10 minutes to come to the starting point. There are three possibilities to jump (up to 8 meters) and two abseils (up to 8 meters). It is the perfect tour for having heaps of fun with your kids!

This twoandahalf-hour tour is a canyoneering adventure you will never forget. Suitable for sportive beginners and your entire family, this multi-activity adventure takes you deep into nature. See Lake Garda in a new light. Gain a new perspective while canyoneering as you follow the river down to Lake Garda by walking, jumping, sliding, and climbing.

After a safety and instruction briefing, your adventure begins. You will walk uphill for 15 minutes to reach the perfect spot. Once you reach the level,  you will gaze at the crystal clear water. It’s now up to your adventurous spirit to take you to new heights as you jump into the refreshing pool of water below. The jumps can be up to eight meters in height. All jumps are bolt secured and all jumps higher are optional.

The force of the water falling freely over the cliff will take you on the best sliding action ever. A perfect tour for those who want to invest a bit more time and are looking for an exciting, deep and impressing nature experience. Your adventure awaits!

For the Canyoningtour you have to bring bathing suits, a towel, and shoes, which you have to wear in the water (because of the stones you should have closed shoes like sporting shoes or light trekking boots – please no sandals or flip-flops). It's also recommend to bring a T-Shirt to wear below the Neopren-suit.

The tour provides: Neopren-suit, socks, harness, and a helmet. Please consider leaving your valuable at your hotel. A waterproof box for your valuables is available (which will be carried on tour), but the space in the box is limited.

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